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overwhelmed with your practice?
Christa Hansen and Kashuna Hopkins have been working together for the last 6 years. We both became aware of how practice management can become overwhelming for small to medium practices. So we thought we combine our unique experiences and offer full service practice management for small to medium midwifery practices and birth centers.

Christa Hansen

Owner La Luna Practice Management
Christa Hansen

I have managed and marketed businesses in Europe and the US for the last 30 yrs. The last 6 years I managed 2 birth centers. I became aware of how practice management can become overwhelming. As a midwife I am aware of the unique marketing needs of midwives and birth centers. So I decided to help other midwives with their practice needs and cover it all under one roof. I believe in personal contact and open communication. I want to create an environment and a relationship where you feel supported with all your practice needs. Having your own business can sometimes be very lonely, I see myself as midwife for midwives, somebody you can turn to anytime.
I received my Master's degree from Frontier Nursing University. In my free time I love to spend time in my garden, hike our wonderful red rocks, read or enjoy a movie.

Kashuna Hopkins

President Favored Medical Billing
Kashuna Hopkins

Kashuna Hopkins is the CEO and owner of Favored Medical Billing Service (FMBS). She began her company in 2011 as a response from her colleagues in the medical profession's growing need for quality billing services. Kashuna began her career in healthcare as front office staff: answering phones, taking messages, and making appointments. As her skill set grew she effectively managed and maintained multiple positions with varying medical practices. Prior to starting FMBS, she was the billing manager for a large surgery center in Phoenix. This is where she gained knowledge ranging from: collections, credentialing, appeals , coding, and management. FMBS is contracted with a variety of providers and facilities throughout the United States. Through her expert work in collections she has managed to increase the revenue of her clients by an average of 85 percent. Her leadership, commitment to education and passion for her work has enabled her to operate with a very diverse array of clients including doulas, midwives, facilities, dentist, mental health and naturopathic providers.
Kashuna received her Certified Professional Coders license in May 2011. She is married to her husband of 10 years, Lloyd Hopkins, and they have two beautiful children, their son Atllas and their daughter Starry.



Accounting, payroll, independent contractor time tracking
Monthly and quarterly federal and state tax deposits
Monthly bank account reconciliation and profit and loss statement
We help you with the set-up to accept credit cards

Imagine not to have to collect your bills at the end of the year, you will receive a thumb drive with your quick books file you can give to your accountant or we can take care of your tax return (tax return is not included in monthly fee)

We connect with your client, discuss their contract and arrange payments
Imagine not to discuss any payments with your client…..

Billing Service


Benefits verification
Insurance billed weekly
Monthly statements of claims billed and payments received
Imagine not to worry to get your billing done in time……

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Having an electronic health record system that fit’s your needs in place can help you safe time and be more mobile. There are many EHR systems out there but only a few that support midwives and birth centers. We offer support in finding the EHR program that fits your needs and help with set up.

Social Media Services

Social Media

It’s all about branding and being present on social media
We offer bi-weekly posting of articles, events….. on the social media platforms of your choice (instagram, facebook, twitter….)
Weekly post on up to 5 mommy groups of your choice
We can help you produce personal videos and infomercials to post on your social media sites

Imagine how much valuable time you will safe using our services……

Marketing Services


It’s all about branding and corporate identity, clean consistent marketing materials help you to present a professional image to your current and future clients

We design and print your business cards, rack cards, post cards, flyers….
Design and print of any marketing material, t-shirts, cups, onesies…….
We help to create and print your welcome packages with the content of your choice. We can either provide you with pdf files for self-print or we can prepare your welcome packages and ship them to you

Website design with option of self-scheduling calendar


Accounting $199/month
Billing $299/month +6% of collected payments exiting $3,400/month
Social Media $99/month
Special for all 3 $499/month +6% of collected payments exiting $3,400/month
  Special for all 3 for starting midwives up to 2 years in practice $399/month for the first year +6% of collected payments exiting $3,400/month
One-time set up fee $199
Marketing material per project

We give you peace of mind

We love personal connections call us and let’s talk

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